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July 20, 2017

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Do I go interstate to pick up my motorcycle? And is it cheaper to do it myself?

January 24, 2017


Ok... You have purchased a motorcycle interstate, congratulations on the new purchase.

Or your moving interstate to greener pastures to start a new life or career, excellent. now you need to move the bike.


The age old question is "Do I Transport the bike myself and is it cheaper" the answer In short is NO.


Let's say you have just purchased a motorcycle interstate and you want to ride it back, if its a new motorcycle defiantly NO, its not the best way to break in a new motorcycle riding it at constant high RPM's under the same load for long periods, this does more harm than good.


If its a used motorcycle then you really need to know the history of the motorcycle before you attempt it, I personally wouldn't do it, simply because I have done it once in the past and paid heavily for it with a blown motor.


Unless you know the motorcycle in depth then and only then do you attempt to ride it for such a long distance. So riding is out of the equation, what next then. load it on a trailer van or ute.


This is the right way to go about moving the motorcycle state to state. But its not necessarily the cheapest as your about to find out. Say your moving a motorcycle from Melbourne Metro to Sydney Metro we have a standard price of $285.00, this will be your target budget price to beat.


Moving your bike with a Van or Ute.


Transporting a motorcycle using a van or ute is the way to go, because it's self contained in one vehicle, plus your not worrying about the use of a second link like a trailer. But in order for this to be cost effective you need to OWN said vehicle. if its a relocation then you will do it under the $285 we charge, because your only going one way, however if your going both ways then it will cost more than what we charge in fuel let alone wear and tear on the vehicle.


Renting a Vehicle

If your renting a vehicle to transport your motorcycle the costs and risk is enormous. Renting costs about $150.00 per day then you need to take into consideration the extra km's your putting on their vehicle and how much they charge per Km if they do. If they don't charge an excess Km charge then it's just

$300 to hire the vehicle

$300 Fuel both ways 

$90 Accommodation cheap motel

$50 food. this works out to be somewhere in the vicinity of $740. $455 over the budget.


Borrowing a Vehicle

Ok so your mate is going to let you have the ute or van for the weekend, great, this will be cheap.. or will it ! 

Again your looking at fuel both ways

$300 Fuel 

$90 Accommodation

$50 Food = $440.00 $155.00 over the budget.


Towing a trailer

This is the most expensive way to transport your motorcycle. Towing raises the fuel consumption on your vehicle plus it adds additional strain to your vehicles drive line. Try this exercise on for size. Put your bike on the trailer then try pulling it yourself ! It's heavy. This is what your asking your car to pull for 1000 km.

Fuel consumption will rise by 30% so it will cost

$420 Fuel both ways

$90 Accommodation

$50 Food = $560.00 $275 over the budget.


Risk associated with using trailers to transport motorcycles.

believe it or not there is more risk pulling a trailer than you think, the dynamics of the towing vehicle change because there is a second member now to worry about. lets look at it.

Tow Bar, has it been checked for cracks or loose bolts?

Electrical plug, does it work and do all the lights work?

Tyres. are they up to scratch for the job, do they have cracks in the side walls ? Do they hold air? have they got enough tread ?

Trailer bearings, when were they last checked ?

Tie down points, are they secure or rotted ?


I travel Sydney to Melbourne weekly and let me tell you, i see more people on the side of the road broken down with trailers than any other vehicle, be it flat tops or caravans, its amazing how many trailers fail on long journeys than any other vehicle out on the open road, simply because they haven't maintained or checked the trailer before leaving.


Vehicle overheating. 

Especially in summer, when asking a vehicle to tow an additional 600 kg is at times a big ask for some vehicles. the additional weight will cause more stress on the towing vehicle which equates to more heat the engine and drive line will produce.

Domestic Cars, be it a sedan, van or Ute are designed to tow short haul only not long continuous stretches of road. So factor this in because if the vehicle fails bottom line it will cost more.


The safety of the motorcycle.

We have covered the risk and cost associated with the vehicle but what about the bike ?

Unless you know how to load, unload and tie down a motorcycle the risk to the motorcycle amplifies ten fold.

The biggest risk is loading and unloading a motorcycle, you have all seen the you tube video fails and had a laugh. Then there is the all important strapping of the motorcycle. So many times i have seen motorcycles tied down from the handlebars and you guessed it first major bump in the road, strap comes loose and bike goes down or worse falls off the trailer, ouch.



The most expensive part of any transport is time, ask yourself "how much is my time worth"

for some not much for others it's quite expensive. This is never factored in, what would you rather be doing ? driving 1000km to transport a motorcycle or spending it with family or working where your actually making a dollar ? There are so many things you can do with time, so what is your time worth, then add that to the cost.


The message here is clear. the complexity and risk associated with transporting your own motorcycle whether its a relocation or a purchase is not worth doing it yourself.

Please leave it to the professionals, we are equipped to handle any motorcycle and have all the gear to do it safely, plus we have the added bonus of transit insurance just incase the unforeseeable happens. 


if you have any questions please call us and if we cant help then we will find the answer for you.

Call me Joe on 0410 211 110 at motomovers. And I hope this blog has helped and we hear from you soon.
















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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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