Areas We Cover

Below is a list of areas we cover in each individual state.

New South Wales


Sydney Metro

Up to 30km radius

Regional NSW Operational limits

North: Newcastle

West: Bathurst

South: South Nowra

Australian Capital Territory


Canberra Metro

All Areas


Regional ACT Operational Limits

All Areas


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Sydney Depot Head Office

Unit G5 5-7 Hepher Rd

Campbelltown NSW 2560



Victoria Metro

Up to 30km Radius


Regional Victoria Operational Limits

North West: Bendigo

West: Ballarat

South: Portsea

East: Morwell

Melbourne Depot

Coming Soon.

Secure Bill of Sale Service

Fixed price of $65.00 Extra


Purchasing a Motorcycle on the web interstate is a daunting process and one which requires a level of trust from all parties the Seller the Buyer and the Carrier.


At Motomovers we have made this a step easier, safer  and less stressful by adding our Bill Of Sale Service.


This service provides both the buyer and the seller piece of mind knowing that it will be a safe and secure transaction.


For the buyer all numbers on the motorcycle will be checked and the motorcycle is "as described"  and we have permission to continue the sale prior to us handing over your bank cheque.

For the seller, knowing that the motorcycle still belongs to them and will not be delivered until we have been notified from the seller that the funds have cleared into their account.


Now there are times the motorcycle is for one of a better term "Not as Described" which means the sale will fall through.


If this is the case, Motomovers will deposit the bank cheque back into the Buyers account.

All it will cost you is $115.00 + GST which comprises of $65 for the bill of sale and $50 which is our fee to travel and view the motorcycle providing its within the 30 km radius of the CBD.


"So where to from here"


 Here's how this service works


Step 1. After you have negotiated your price, the Seller must agree that you will be paying for the motorcycle by either Bank Cheque or Direct Bank deposit on Pick Up.

If paying by bank cheque, please make out the Bank Cheque for the price of the "Motorcycle Only" do not include transport fee or the bill of sale charge.

If paying by direct bank deposit you must coordinate with us to be at a bank the seller banks with the same time we are inspecting the motorcycle, this way the seller can be paid for the motorcycle on pick up.


Step 2. Fill out the form on this page with ALL the required information. inc VIN and Engine Number, this form doubles as your Bill of Sale to either VIC Roads, ACT Roads or the RMS in NSW.


Step 3. If paying by Bank Cheque,

post the Bank Cheque to: Motomovers Office

14 Biara St Bargo NSW 2574

Post via Registered Mail so it can be tracked and you have a copy of the mailing receipt.


Step 4. Motomovers will contact you to inform you we have received the Bank Cheque, furthermore we will contact the seller to confirm the pick time and to also advise them we have the Bank Cheque for payment of your motorcycle.


Step 5  At the Pick Up address we will look over the motorcycle for damages and confirm that the motorcycle is "As Described"  We will also check the VIN and Engine identifiers that they match as well. After the Transport Inspection Report is complete we will contact the Buyer to confirm that all is well with the motorcycle and the numbers match, this is so we can get permission from the Buyer to complete the transaction. No purchase is complete unless we get permission to do so.


Step 6. Hand the Seller a copy of the Bill of Sale, the Bank Cheque (if paying via this method) and Transport Inspection Report so the Seller is informed of any damage on the motorcycle prior to transport, this paperwork gives the seller piece of mind knowing who has the motorcycle until such a time the payment is cleared.


Step 7. Upon receiving a "Payment Conformation" from the Seller, we will organise a delivery time to hand over the motorcycle to you the Buyer.


Please Note:

Bank Cheques can take up to 5 days to clear.

We "will not" deliver any motorcycle until we have a payment conformation from the Seller.


This service is there to protect both the Seller and Buyer to ensure a safe transaction and that both parties are comfortable with the whole transaction process.


Bounced or Cancelled Bank Cheques

In the very very very rare instance that a bank cheque bounces or it has been cancelled by the Buyer, the motorcycle will be returned to the Seller.

Motomovers will only charge the Seller 50% of the transport costs.


If you have any questions regarding this service please don't hesitate to contact us.